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Aussie Erosion Pty Ltd T/as Aussie Environmental

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Aussie Erosion Pty Ltd Trading as Aussie Environmental is a complete Environmental company that can assist in erosion control and environmental services as well as the supply of specialised environmental products.

Services that Aussie Environmental can assist in include:

  • Standard & Heavy Duty Silt Fence Installation
  • Safety Barrier Fence Installation
  • Hydromulching/ Hydroseeding
  • Tractor Seeding and Fertiliser Application
  • Water Diversion and Ground Protection
  • Soil and Bank Stabilisation using bio-degradable Erosion Control Blankets: Coir Mesh, Jute Mesh, Jute Mat, Geofabric and various other geosynthetic composite blankets.
  • Coir Log Installation
  • Silt Sock Installation
  • Drain Protection Installation
  • Storm Water Protection Installation
  • Earthworks including top-soiling exposed areas and batters, rock check dams, V drains, removal of silt and sediment from drains and disposal.
  • Turfing of exposed soils.
  • Soil Testing and Soil Analysis Reports
  • Soil and ground preparation for seeding and hydromulching.
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Consultation and Plans by certified CPESC.



Products supplied by Aussie Environmental include:

  • Various Silt Socks, both individual and continuous
  • Storm Water Drain Protection
  • Sandbags
  • Silt Fence Rolls
  • Hard Wood Timber Pegs
  • Coir Logs
  • Jute Mat & Mesh
  • Coir Mesh & Blanket
  • Geofabrics
  • Silt & Marine Curtains
  • Containment Booms
  • Steel Pins (Erosion Blankets)
  • Bio-degradable Pins (Erosion Blankets)
  • De-Watering Bags
  • Tree Guards
  • Spill Containment Products & Kits
  • Garden Products

Aussie Environmental is a member of IECA and have an inhouse Certified Professional in Environmental and Sediment Control (CPESC).