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Evergreen Power Seeding PTY LTD

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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Evergreen Power Seeding Pty Ltd and the services we offer. We are a 100% family owned business and have been operating since 1983. We pride ourselves in offering a professional and friendly service.

We are environmental and soil erosion control specialists who are committed to helping our clients uphold their statutory obligation of duty of care for the land.

Evergreen Power Seeding Pty Ltd have completed major projects throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory. We operate with the latest and most modern and reliable machinery available, capable of handling all types of terrain and we cover all areas.

If you are responsible for managing the natural resources of a property or area of land, you must by law take all reasonable and practical steps to prevent harm to the environment, and to areas of cultural heritage (including Indigenous culturally-significant areas).

We specialise in helping you achieve this responsibility. Evergreen Power Seeding Pty Ltd has the expertise and equipment to undertake projects in environmental soil erosion control and revegetation according to the codes of practice required by government and we pride ourselves in contributing to the protection of the environment we all must share.